Claudia Brückner is an Experience & Workshop Designer, Innovation Facilitator & Coach based in Berlin.

She designs and facilitates formats that empower new ways of working, learning, collaboration, human interaction and innovation. 


Claudia has developed event formats and concepts — from large-scale conferences to tailored workshops and trainings.  So far, she has supported conferences such as re:publicaDMY BerlinService Experience CampSynchronicity Berlin, Digital Bauhaus Summit and facilitated innovation processes for clients such as BASF, Wired, Fraunhofer, Deutsche Bahn and E.ON. Claudia also co-initiated the 4531km road trip through Europe. As well, she runs – a platform for experience designers, conference organizers, meeting hosts. 

Born in East Germany. Temporarily escaped to the South Pacific. Currently lives and works in Berlin. Oh, and she loves cycling. Against all odds.


Credits: Kirsten Becken 


Experience Design & Human Interaction 

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Experience Design & Human Interaction 

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Kunst, Kultur & Digitalisierung

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Claudia Brückner_sw_Credits: Summer & Co.Claudia Brückner_sw_Credits: Summer & Co.

Credits: Summer & Co. 

Claudia Brückner_klClaudia Brückner_kl

Credits: Summer & Co.