The digital revolution is changing almost everything: the way we communicate and work, how we do business, how customers behave and what employees expect. There will not be one single trend that will finally succeed. The only thing that prevails is constant change.

Organizations therefore need to transform the way they work to not only survive, but thrive in times of rapid and constant change. With innovative products and services for their customers and with inspiring, participatory and productive processes and environments for their employees. 

Seeking to develop and implement new (digital) strategies, innovate and meet altered demands is the key, but the way most organizations work has barely changed: meetings, workshops, conferences and trainings are predominantly hierarchical, unproductive and not very creative. 


To create innovative and different outcomes, approaches and mindsets need to be transformed. To leverage this transformation and stay innovative, new formats for exchange, collaboration and learning are needed. 

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#1 Empowerment and Skills Training;
Event Experience Design, Service Design and Design Thinking Skill Trainings

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To sustainably grow and transform, I empower organizations, teams and individuals by teaching them the skills to develop, facilitate and guide innovative event and experience formats as well as workshops, innovation and transformation processes themselves. As part of this, I host method trainings (Service Design, Design Thinking).

#2 Process Consulting & Facilitation

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I guide and facilitate the development of new formats (conferences, workshops, outcome-focused sprints, productive meetings, trainings, festivals etc.) that empower change and new ways of working, innovating, learning, collaborating, participating and experiencing.

As well, I guide and moderate innovation processes and sprints (mainly using innovation methods such as Service Design and Design Thinking). For most formats, I work with a co-moderator from my network to generate the best experiences and most productive process possible. For larger groups, I collaborate with additional facilitators and moderators. 

#3 Concept Development &
Innovation Consulting 

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For my clients, I develop customized formats (conferences, workshops, outcome-focused sprints, productive meetings, trainings, festivals etc.) to meet their goals and purposes. I also support with the curation and production of lager projects such as conferences on request. Alongside these new formats I also develop documentation strategies, to make sure the outcomes created are not lost or forgotten, but documented in a sustainable and impactful way. 
As well, I take on innovation projects to develop innovative products, services and experiences, using human-centered approaches, like Design Thinking, Service Design. 

#4 Inputs & Moderation 

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Through customized speaking engagements, I educate my audience on Digital Transformation, human-centered design, conferencing trends and experience design to bring to light how changing wants and needs influence your business.  
As well, I support my clients by facilitating and moderating their meetings and workshops, so they can focus on the content and taking relevant decisions. 

Do you want to hear more, how I exactly work and how I could help you? Please send me a mail and I will get back to you with more infos!