4531 km

Photos: Pedro Jardim, Alexander Steffens & Ottilie Maters

4531km was a Nightliner bus tour by Berlin creatives through Europe: an experiment to test new story telling concepts and unconventional types of communication during several events in different cities — from Prague, Bratislava and Cluj to Bukarest, Varna and Thessaloniki. 


Together with Andreas Gebhard, I started a trans-border experiment: the 4531km road trip. With a crew of Berlin creatives, we travelled to a neighboring Eastern Europe.  

We developed a wordpress plug-in to collect the social media outputs of every crewmember who displayed their subjective perspective during the road trip. The gathered content was collected in a timeline and a map, which documented the geographical stages of the trip. The open source plug-in can be downloaded on github. The tour as well as the development of the plug-in was supported by MIZ (Medieninnovationszentrum Babelsberg).