Design thinking and service design are customer/user-centered innovation methods and processes that use design tools to integrate human needs, technology and the requirements for business success. It can be applied to the development of products, services, processes and strategies.


Format: Design Thinking training, Service Design training, innovation sprints, strategy workshops 
Clients and Cooperation Partners: HPI School of Design Thinking, HPI Academy, WorkPlayExperience, the dive, BASF, Club Commission, Ignore Gravity, Wired, What Would Harry Do? 
Services: Training and workshops concepts, implementation, moderation and facilitation 


I support organizations who want to learn how to use Design Thinking and Service Design. To do this, I design and conduct tailor-made training concepts (together with my network of cooperation partners). 

The trainings follow a highly interactive, action-based learning approach that is based on a mix of theoretical input and immediate application. Participants will therefore not learn about the methods in an abstract way, but will experience the mindset behind Design Thinking and Service Design in action. 
Depending on the individual goals of an organization, the trainings also cover reflection about the in-house implementation of such mindsets and the associated changes that apply to an organization’s structure. 

I also guide and facilitate innovation processes and projects over a prolonged period of time. Long-term projects are focused on, for example, developing a new product, service, business model or tackle complex problems using Design Thinking or Service Design.