Photos: Gregor Fischer

DMY is a design festival with the goal to promote young talent, innovative designs and present and discuss new ideas and extraordinary design approaches. In line with the ever-changing designscape, DMY keeps changing and adapting its format. The introduction of the Symposium in 2012 is one example. 


Format: Fair and Symposium
Clients: newthinking, DMY
Services: Consulting, curation, participant-management 
Resources: Download catalog text on “Designing Business”



I consulted the organizers with the launch of the Symposium and on the topic of “Designing Business”, curated parts of the Symposium and ran participant-management, bringing stakeholders at the intersection of design and business to the symposium. 

One of the Symposium’s goals was to add room for content, discussions and exchange to the predominantly (product) fair format. The Symposium was set up in a more intimate space besides the large (and sometimes overwhelming) exhibition space to allow a more concentrated exchange. The discussions focused on the growing importance and role of design within the context of contemporary economics and its potential to intervene in an innovative manner in economic processes and social contexts.