Photos: OpenKnowledge Foundation

The EnergyHack Workshop aimed to bring together data experts from Stromnetz Berlin with developers, data journalists, open data enthusiasts and scientists to prepare the “EnergyHack” Hackathon. The workshop format was one of the first steps to guide Stromnetz Berlin into the field of “open data” after the release of their power grid data and therefore a new way of exchanging and collaborating with unfamiliar stakeholders and communities. 


Format: Workshop and exchange 
Client: Open Knowledge Foundation Deutschland
Services: Workshop design, implementation (moderation, facilitation), analysis and documentation of the outcomes 
Resources: Download the documentationEnergyHack website


Together with my cooperation partners What Would Harry Do? and the OpenKnowledge Foundation team, we designed and implemented the workshop, and analyzed and documented the outcomes.

The workshop was aimed at preparing the content of the EnergyHack Hackathon. It therefore started out by detecting problems and challenges around the topic of energy as well as validating the released power grid data for its usefulness in the upcoming Hackathon. 

To make use of the expertise of the diverse stakeholders (developers, data journalists, open data enthusiasts, scientists as well as energy experts from Stromnetz Berlin), the workshop was conducted in multiple cross-disciplinary teams to prepare interesting challenges for the Hackathon using the available data sets. To make sure the HackDay projects were not too abstract and tech-focused, the workshop contained a user-centered design perspective to included citizen perspectives on energy. The ideas and outcomes from the workshop were analyzed and documented and lead to two main challenges, used in the EnergyHack.