Photos: re:publica, newthinking

The digital age has fundamentally changed our ability to access knowledge and to communicate and collaborate. This heralds major consequences for conferences, workshops and similar events, as the roles of speaker and participants have altered. To create meaning and stay meaningful, conferences need to reflect these changes by facilitating interactions between the participants instead of merely delivering passive top-down experiences.


Clients: newthinking, re:publica, glockenweiß, minigram, Factory, d.confestival, stagg&friends, ITB Berlin
Services: Consulting and concepts, talks 
Resources:  Talk about Event Experience Design (English) and Event Experience Design - innovative & interaktive Konferenzen für das 21. Jahrhundert (German)


I develop event concepts and consult my clients on Event Experience Design. I also teach Event Experience Design methods and tools to event agencies, conference organizers and other stakeholders in the events industry who want to innovate the way they develop and implement formats and event concepts. 

I also run Experience Design News – a newsletter about experience design, human interaction and facilitation.