Photos: Andreas Plata

At the HackAdemy participants learned how to apply lean innovation methods by working on real digital industry challenges. Over a 2-day period, participants got to know the lean innovation process and gained inspiring insights into different business sectors and leading organizations. 

Format: Lean Innovation Bootcamp 
Client: Young Targets 
Services: Consulting, format development, moderation, implementation
Resources: HackAdemy website (german), Video HackAdemy 2017

I developed the Lean Innovation Bootcamp format and acted as consultant to the event organizers. My work included the design and creation of all of the materials (templates etc.). I also moderated the 2-day event with a focus on creating a learning format with space for networking, exchange and fun. 

To learn about lean innovation, participants were guided by innovation coaches and mentors (digital industry experts) and ran through the iterative innovation processes involved (incl. understanding, ideation, prototyping and testing phases). During the HackAdemy, participants were able to get to know business representatives from within the industry and gain a deeper insight by discussing real industry challenges instead of merely networking at an anonymous job-fair. At the same time, participants got to know their fellow team-members better as they ran through the lean innovation process together.