For its 10th anniversary, the Open Source Agency, newthinking, set the goal to publish a magazine in collaboration with its community. Inspired and motivated by Booksprints, the newthinking Magazin was produced in a 3-day sprint.  


Format: Sprint (Content Production Sprint)
Client: newthinking
Services: Concept development, facilitation, implementation 
More Infos:  Download the magazine “Open Everything – Ein Magazin über digitale Kultur, Netzpolitik und neue Arbeitswelten” (German)


I developed and implemented a format — the Magazine Sprint — that reflected the values of the Open Source company to be open and involve its community in the creation of the magazin, and to be productive and outcome-focused at the same time. 

The sprint was limited to three days to collaboratively produce the content (articles, pictures etc.) for the magazine. To reflect open source values, the sprint was realized as an open event to invite the community to co-create the magazine: everyone from the agency network with experience in the fields of digital culture, net-politics, open source or similar topics was invited to contribute. This open format required constant moderation and facilitation to build the teams, onboard new participants and integrate their ideas and content into the magazine structure as well as the coordination of the designers and editors.

Within the three days of collaboration, over 40 articles were produced by around 30 participants. Afterwards the whole design and layout for the 140-page magazine was created within only one week. The magazine was published Germany-wide only three weeks later.