Photos: Gregor Fischer

It was the goal of the SUMMIT OF NEWTHINKING to make the field of open source experienceable through a conference. For a duration of two days, participants could explore topics around open strategies through talks and workshops, as well as through the spatial design of the conference. 


Format: Conference
Client: newthinking
Services: Concept development, spatial design, implementation 


I supported newthinking from concept development to implementation, to create an open and inspiring environment and bring the topic “open strategies” alive through the format and spatial experience. 

One approach of the spatial design was to run all the parallel tracks (on topics like open data, open innovation, open business etc.) in one space. By setting up in one space, it was possible to be at one end of the space without missing out on what was happening at the other end. This spatial openness invited the participants to stroll through the entire space and decide on their favorite content. The open space was equipped with ultra light and flexible chairs to invite the participants to take a seat wherever it was needed. 

Instead of stages, every track was conducted at a Y-shaped table. This allowed for eye-to eye interactions between participants and speaker and among the participants, allowing for a much more open and spontaneous dialogue. This stage-less set up also created the flexibility to host interactive workshops without the need to reconstruct the space.