Photos: Gregor Fischer

At the future symposium SYNCHRONICITY, 40 participants (with backgrounds in architecture, urban planning, philosophy, design and media) gathered for two days to develop concepts and answers about the design and development of the city of the future. 


Format: Sprint (Content Production Sprint)
Client: glockenweiß, minigram
Services: Concept development, consulting, implementation 
Resources: Synchronicity Publication as a .pdf (German), Behind the scenes blog post about the live documentation of the workshops (German)


One goal of the symposium was to prepare and edit the workshop outcomes in such a way that they could be used by other urban initiatives. To do this, the workshop content was documented live and the outcomes were summarized in a publication that was released at the end of the event.

I consulted and supported the organizers of SYNCHRONICITY to develop a format that was inspiring and motivating for the participants as well as productive and collaborative, to aid the production and documentation of content throughout the symposium. 

Six workshops were conducted during the two days, each of which were hosted by an expert for the specific workshop topic (architecture, mobility, sustainability, technology etc.). To document the findings, every workshop was equipped with a Rapporteur who recorded the content and outcomes. This was complemented by photographic documentation as well as a graphic recording to visualize the workshop findings. All artifacts were summarized in a publication that was released as an at the end of the event.